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All About Alice in borderland

Who is not familiar with Asahina Aya? She is a popular face nowadays. Everybody knows her. She is a talented actress. She is not only an actress but also a model and a TV host. She achieved fame after the roles in Tokyo Alice and Grand Blue.

Since then she doesn’t have to look back. She is immensely popular. People like her acting skill. That is why she is the hot topic to talk about. Nowadays almost everybody subscribes to Netflix. The wonderful series on Netflix are liked by all.

alice in borderland

She debuted as an actress in 2017 in Amazon Original drama “Tokyo Alice” as Enjoji Sayuri. In 2018 she will play the role of Kurihara Nagisa in the TBS drama “Cheer ☆ Dan”.

Hobbies include bouldering, kickboxing, cooking, watching movies, and road biking.

Due to the popularity of the Netflix series, Alice in Borderland, many viewers have noticed the character HikariKuina. Moreover, Hikari is a role played by none other than a famous Japanese actress, Asahina Aya herself. Read more to find all the details about Alice in Borderland actress Aya Asahina’s wiki, Instagram, and her character Hikari Kuina. People like her acting skill. That is why she is so famous from a young age. Let’s study more about this beautiful actress.

Biography Of Asahina Aya

Asahina Ata was born on 6th October 1993. So, she is 28 years old as of 2022. She was born in Sumoto, Japan. Sumoto is a city in Hyogo prefecture in Japan. Her parents are also from Japan. She is of Asian descent. However, we are unable to collect much information about her family. Just like Sabrina, Asahina Aya suddenly became famous.

The TV host always wanted to remain private in her personal life. She doesn’t want to reveal much about it. That is why people are unable to know much about her.

alice in borderland

People are highly curious to know whether she has a boyfriend or not. Her fans don’t know whether she is married or still single. The strange part is that Asahina didn’t have her Wikipedia page till now. From a reliable source, the fans came to know that she got married in 2021. On July 26, she announced that she got married to Kenjiro Yamashita. Who is Kenjiro Yamashita? Well, he is a Japanese actor and a dancer. After their marriage, the couple stated that they had been dating each other for two years. Finally, they decided to tie the knot.

Asahina Aya is happily married to her husband. However, the couple didn’t share any of their pictures on social media. That is why everyone speculates whether everything is going well between them or not. However, we can say that both of them don’t want to share much about their personal life. That is why they choose to remain private.

In a joint statement released by both parties, the two Japanese celebrities revealed that the two them share many common interests and that the time they spent together is filled with joy and attraction.

Instagram And Social Media Of Asahina Aya

Asahina Aya Is highly active in social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There are several types of fan pages as well. Her account name on Instagram is asahina_aya. Other than that, she also has 919 k followers. Her followers increased just after the release of the Netflix show “Alice in Borderland”.

The model has been sharing her modeling work on her Instagram with 1,091 posts. Also, Aya joined Twitter as @Asahina18A in May 2014 and has gained 90.3k followers. Furthermore, the TV host has a Youtube channel too.

She earned lots of can’t just after her Netflix shows. Moreover, now she has become popular throughout the world. As we, people love to watch all the Netflix shows. Her fans are waiting eagerly to see her in the next series. However, we are not sure when we can again get to see her.

Asahina Aya as HikariKuina in Alice in Borderland

We all know that Asahina Aya has portrayed the role of HikariKuina in ” Alice in Borderland”. After that, she doesn’t have to look back. All are highly praised for her acting skills. In this series, she played the role of a Japanese girl. The drama came out on 10 December 2020. After that, the drama was released on Netflix.

In the drama, there are lots of twists and turns. People are waiting to see what is going to happen at the end of the series.

There is another character in the series named ShuntaroChishiya. She is a close friend of Hikari. Hikari helped her friend steak the deck of cards. Hikari is a clothing clerk.

Furthermore, the clerk was transgender, Hence, her father disowned her. Hikari is not the main cast. However, she is very popular among fans.

Talking about the series, Alice in Borderland is a Japanese science fiction drama. Moreover, its genre is a suspense-thriller. Furthermore, it is based on a graphic novel of the same name by the manga artist HaroAso.

The Netflix drama directed by Shinsuke Sato has actors Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya.

Asahina Aya said that she has lots of projects in her hands right now. She is busy and enjoying her professional and personal life. On the other hand, her husband Kenjiro Yamashita is also busy with his projects. Well, we are offering our blessings to Asahina and her family. We can expect that we will see this couple working together on other projects.

Final Thoughts

We have given some of the important information regarding Asahina Aya. She has earned lots of fame after doing this web series. We can expect to see her in the next upcoming projects. Day by day she is improving her acting skill.

What are you thinking about the acting skill of Asahina Aya? Leave us your valuable comments to us. We are waiting to see your comments. People thought that due to her marriage, she will be less seen in the series. However, she is actively working on other projects.


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