Jodie Marsh Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

The Changed Look Of Jodie Marsh

Who doesn’t know Jodie Marsh? She is a well-known model. Recently, she became the talk of the town. The reason for this is her plastic surgery. As we all know plastic surgery is not a new concept. Everybody desires to beautify themselves. Plastic surgery and botox injection is the only way to retain your beauty. Her condition looks like Zoe Kravitz.

Jodie Marsh has done surgery on various parts of her body. We can get a clear idea of it. Look at her face and other parts of the body. She is looking younger than before. It seems that she has used some tricks to make her look beautiful.

Whenever we hear of plastic surgery, we feel scared. Plastic surgery is a painful treatment. We wonder how much pain a person has to undergo to make her look beautiful. Almost all Hollywood stars have taken this treatment. However, the recent pictures of Jodie Marsh seem that she has definitely taken the help of the knife.

Jodie Marsh Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

Well before discussing much of Jodi Marsh’s plastic surgery, let’s look at her biography and career.

Jodie Marsh was born on 23rd December 1978 in England to British parents. She was a good student and completed her schooling at Brentwood school. After that, she focussed on her career and started modeling. In a few years, she became a successful model.

After that, she participated in the reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” and caught everyone’s attention in 2009. She achieved the title of female bodybuilder.

Jodie is one of the inspirations for several females. Now, she has entered into the Body Building persona. She even asks other females to take part in bodybuilding. Women often feel ashamed to join bodybuilding as their career. Even at the age of 40 plus, she seems to be like the teenage girls.

All of her fans and followers are speculating that she has undergone surgery. Back in August 2016, Jodie posted her pre-nose job photos on Instagram and was totally looking nostalgic about her pre-surgery nose. So to get details about Jodie Marsh’s plastic surgery keep on reading.

Jodie Marsh Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

Fans always gave a habit to know about stars. The same thing happens with Jodie Marsh as well. Recently she posted one picture on social media sites. In a few seconds, everyone started to ask about her new looks. What happened to your looks? This is the first question that everyone asks.

Some others also made fun of her looks. Well, we must say that Jodie is looking stunning in her new looks. Look at her before and after pictures closely. Don’t you see any changes? These are the changes due to plastic surgery. She had done nose surgery or rhinoplasty. Well, this is the process by which one can change the nose.

One can easily say that Jodie has made her nose pointed and sharp. See the pictures. In the previous one, we can see that her nose is fat and plump. Look at the recent pictures. The nose all of a sudden became pointed and sharp. Jodi was asked about her plastic surgery. The answers of Jodie gave us the idea that she has done surgery on her nose. But she didn’t admit it properly.

Whether Jodie admits to her rhinoplasty or not, it doesn’t matter. But we are sure that her nose has become pointed and sharp from before.

Jodie Marshy’s Reaction On Rhinoplasty

Jodie in an interview says that she was often bullied for her plumped nose. She also narrated one incident where she was bullied by her college mates. That’s why she decided she changed her looks.

However, when she was in college, her classmates used to bully her. She narrated the entire incident in an interview. First, she was hiding the fact that she had done a plastic survey. Later she admitted that she took the knife. Moreover, the secret for her glorified skin is none other than botox injection.

Just imagine the fact how any woman after forty has such charming skin. It is only because of these treatments. The amazing fact is that Jodie dares to admit the truth. She is not like other celebrities.

The first picture is Jodie where she is posing with her cousin who is also an actor. The second picture is after her surgery. The pictures are unrecognizable. In the first one, her nose is plumped but we can say that it was her natural look. On the other hand, her recent pictures state that her nose is pointed.

Her fans are stating that she is looking confident and bold in new attire.

One of her fans raised the question of why she changed her looks? Jodie replied that she was not happy with her previous look. Moreover, the memory of her childhood bullying story gave her inspiration to do plastic surgery.

Breast Implantation Of Jodie Marsh

After rhinoplasty, Jodie focussed on her breast implantation. Hollywood actresses are not satisfied with their small breasts. They always have a desire for bigger breasts. Just look at her pictures. We can understand that she has also done breast surgery.

Her enhanced breast states that she is happy with her breasts. After forty, the breasts become saggy for every woman. It is just the reverse in the case of Jodie Marsh.

The bold bodybuilder admitted that she has done breast surgery. She was not satisfied with her smaller breasts. That’s why she decided to enhance her breasts. We must say that Jodie is looking bold and confident in her new look. That is the specialty of Jodie Marsh.

Jodie clearly stated that she lifted her breast when she was 29. However, in one of her interviews, she states that her boob job was horrendous. She doesn’t want to remember those incidents.


This is all about Jodie Marsh: the famous bodybuilder. She has fans and followers worldwide. The amazing fact is that she never hides her truth. Don’t you feel that she is looking bold and confident from before? Leave your comment in our comment section.


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