Lee Yu Bi Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose, Eyes Photos

Has Lee Yu Bi gone for plastic surgery? Was she not satisfied with her looks? Well, these are some of the questions which are revolving around the internet. Her recent pictures state that she has done something to her face. There is a complete change in her eyes and nose.

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Lee Yu Bi Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose, Eyes Photos

Plastic surgery is common nowadays. It is not a new concept. Though it is painful and costly, plastic surgery still has a craving. Hollywood celebrities are mad over it. Some have had surgery two to three times. On the other hand, plastic surgery sometimes gave horrible results. In the case of Lee Yu Bi, she looks more glamorous than before.

Lee Yu Bi Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose, Eyes Photos

However, Lee Yu Bi, the famous South Korean actress is the talk of the town for her different looks. The reason for her change in look is none other than plastic surgery. She was born on 22nd November 1990 in South Korea. She was inspired by her mother and started her acting career. Her debut TV series was “Vampire Idol” in 2011. After that, she has done some other series like “The Innocent Mind” and “The Royal Taylor”. She has won several awards. For the last decade, she has been entertaining the audience.

However, let’s look at the before and after pictures of Lee Yu Bi.

Nose Surgery Of Lee Yu Bi

Lee Yu Bi is a well-known face. She is very much active on Instagram and Facebook. Recently everyone is talking about her due to her changed look. What is the reason behind it? Well, she took the help of knives. With plastic surgery, she had changed her pictures.

Look at her before and after pictures. The fans can feel the change. Her eyes and nose are different. Her nose was not sharp. It was plumped and fat. We have read some of the interviews of Lee Yu Bi. Reading those interviews states clearly how she was bullied in her school life for her flat nose.

But Lee has not revealed anything about her surgery for a long time. She remained silent just like others. Her pictures state that she has overcome all the bullying in her childhood days. Her nose is looking pointed and sharp. Moreover, the nasal seems to be refined. She is also looking more bold and confident than before. The reason for all this is her plastic surgery. Her nose job is so fine and in favor of her face.

The interesting fact is that this Korean actress Lee Yu Bi didn’t decide to hide her truth about plastic surgery. In an interview, she told everything. She said how painful it is to bear the surgery. However, she has endured all these only to get the long, pointed, and refined nose. Her dream came true. She is looking stunning now.

Eyelid Surgery Of Lee Yu Bi

Celebrities always have a craving for long and good eyelids. After the nose surgery, her fans are pointing their hands towards the eyelids of Lee. Look at the pictures closely again. One can easily see that her eyelids are different.

Korean actresses generally have short eyes and that is their identity. But Lee Yu Bi is not satisfied with her looks. That’s why she changed the entire attire of her eyelids. Her eyes were not so prominent before. It gives a natural look. Now her eyes are looking bigger than before.

Moreover, we have seen that she is looking younger than before. She is a thirty years old lady but it seems that she is a teenager. How can this be possible?

Botox Injection Of Lee Yu Bi

Nowadays everybody takes Botox injections to retain their beauty. It is an old concept. Every celebrity takes it. However, Lee is only 30 years old. At this age, she decided that her beauty can get lost. That’s why she had a botox injection. We can compare the pictures, her skin is looking flawless and smooth.

Though Lee has never said anything about Botox injection before. She admitted to the nose and eyelid surgery. Her fans and reporters are still speculating that she has also taken botox injection. It is only due to retaining her beauty.

However, people are telling that she is already beautiful. There is no need to do all these things. But if Lee has divided to beautiful, then we are no one today any words about it. But we are not very sure about the botox injection. What do you think about it? Well leave your comment and tell us your thoughts.

Breast Implantation For Lee Yu Bi

Apart from eyelids and rhinoplasty, her fans are also saying that she had done breast implantation. Is it she? We are not sure about her breast implantation. It may be true, maybe false.

However, Lee once said that she has small breasts. As we all know the longings of big boobs of every celebrity. Every woman has a passion to get bigger breasts. That is why she has enhanced her breasts.

Recently, in some of her pictures, people are thinking like that. However, after a detailed study, we all get to know that it is not like that. She has not done breast implication. It is all rumor. Moreover, Lee has also stated that if she can reveal about her nose and eyelid surgery, then she can also reveal about her big breast surgery. She has not had any surgery on her breasts.

We don’t know whether she will have breast surgery in the future or not.


Well, this is all about Lee Yu Bi’s plastic surgery. The beautiful Korean actress didn’t leave any stone unturned to beautify herself. We are sure that you have liked the article regarding Lee.

Lee has ruled the showbiz for ten years. She has impressed the audience with her brilliant performance. Now, she is impressing the audience with her new looks. Plastic surgery doesn’t seem to be a painful treatment for these celebrities. To maintain their beauty, they can do anything.


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