Minka Kelly plastic surgery Before And After Photos

Nowadays, plastic surgery seems to be in fashion. Those who are not liking their face or body parts, taking the help of the surgery. It is one of the best ways to beautify yourself. Many celebs are doing plastic surgery for their beauty enhancements such as Nina Dobrev and Jennifer Coolidge.

Minka Kelly is a well-known personality. The recent news of her plastic surgery has gone viral.

The question which is circulating is whether Minka has seriously gone for surgery or not? If she has done surgery then in which part of the body? Well, these are some of the questions that people are speculating about Minka.

Minka is herself a beautiful lady. Then what is the need of using a knife on her face?

9 out of 10 people do surgery. It seems to be a common business. Though it is a painful surgery people didn’t care about it.

Minka kelly Plastic surgery

Those who are obsessed with beauty can go for surgery. Minka too is not an exception. She has decided to start a new chapter in her life with the help of plastic surgery. That’s why she has surprised the audience with her new looks. All we can say is that she is looking prettier than before. Other than that, she is looking confident and bold.

Before discussing Minka Kelly’s plastic surgery let’s look at her biography.

Who Is Minka Kelly?

The full name of Minka Kelly is Minka Dumont Dufay. She was born on 24th June 1980 in Los Angeles, United States. She completed her education at Valley High School. She was a good student in her school and college days.

After completing her education, she decided to be an actress. She had a passion for acting. Her music video “If You C Jordan” was a huge success in 2002. Since then she didn’t have to look back. In 2003, she signed for the movie “Turbo Charged Prelude”. She plays the role brilliantly and won everyone’s heart.

After that, Minka is seen in various films. The director and producers were after her to sign for a movie. Moreover, Minka is well-known among people for her roles in the TV series “Friday Night Lights” in 2006 and “Parenthood” in 2010. Nowadays, Minka is seen less in films and serials. However, she is still connected with the film industry and has maintained her fame among her fans.

This is all about the biography of Minka Kelly. Some of Minka Kelly before and after pictures make a complex between her before and after appearance and there comes doubt in our mind that she might have done some works with her body i.e. Plastic Surgery.

Minka Kelly plastic surgery Before And After Photos

Have you noticed the before and after pictures of Minka Kelly? If you have not seen them then go to google and watch the pictures. We can understand that she has gone through surgery. Look at her boobs. Doesn’t the breasts seem to be enhanced? Yes, it is.

When Minka began her career, her boobs were not enlarged. Now, with the help of plastic surgery, her breasts have increased. The craze for breast enhancement made her do so. Several actresses have had breast implantation. Some of the actresses revealed that western dresses don’t look good with small breasts. That’s why Minka decided to enhance her breasts.

Minka kelly before and after photos

Minka is right now in her early forties. At forty generally, the breast is sunken. But in the case of Minka, it seems reversed. She has enlarged her breast to look hot.

The fans of Minka are happy with her breast implant. Some are saying that Minka was not so hot before the surgery. After the surgery, she is looking damn hot. Minka has chosen not to reveal her secrets about her surgery.

Minka is very much active in social media. After every single day, she posts her new pictures. In every picture, her breast looked extra large. She is bold and confident.

In the previous interviews, Minka always looks shy. Maybe she was not confident enough with her body. That’s why she decided to make herself beautiful. Just like others, Minka decided to keep quiet regarding her beauty surgery. But it is very difficult to hide the truth from the audience.

Plastic Surgery of Minka Kelly

The audience is speculating whether Minka has done other surgeries or not. Yes, the speculations of the audiences are true. Look at the nose of Minka. Isn’t it looking sharp and pointed? The previous picture clearly indicates that she has done nose surgery.

The actresses like pointed and sharp noses. Minka that’s why operated her nose. Her nose is looking much better than before. Due to her nose surgery, her entire face has changed. The eyes and lips are also looking different.

Other than nose, her fans are also speculating how she can get flawless skin at the age of forty. Is it the botox injection? Probably yes.

Her wrinkle-free face and flawless skin clearly indicate that she has taken the help of a botox injection. That’s why she is glowing even at the age of forty plus.

minka kelly before and after plastic surgery photos

Plastic surgery seems to be a blessing for all the actresses who don’t like their faces. Minka has welcomed plastic surgery to beautify herself.

However, we are not very sure about the botox injection. People are speculating only. Whether it is true or not will be revealed after looking at her pictures.

While others are guessing that Minka has done all these just to come into fame. As she is not doing any movies in the last few years, that is why she has had plastic surgery.

Final Words

Well, it is all about the plastic surgery story of Minka Kelly. The beautiful actress didn’t leave any stone unturned to create a magical look.

People are speculating whether the news of her plastic surgery is true or not.

Everyone has noticed the change in her face and body parts. Well, if Minka is happy with her new looks then we are no one to say anything. We can wish success for her future. We hope that she does lots of movies and entertains us.


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